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Facilities & Patient Care


Large waiting area

Huge well equipped operation theatre

Indoor facilities including deluxe rooms,special rooms,semi special rooms,recovery area with Central oxygen facilities

Assistant doctors area

Rehabilitation centre for autism

EEG and video EEG and BERA facilities from Electrophysiology lab with separate waiting area

Medicines dispensing area

These all facilities are user friendly and designed in such a way that it satisfies need of all special children. Our motto is care and concern to cure.

Patient Care

1) Spine care and joint care

Invasive and noninvasive care of spine and joints.

Operative interventions of spine ailments like disc prolapse spondylitis,spondylithiasis,scoliosis, Nonoperative innervations like epidural injections Transforamenal injections Facet blocks

Nonoperative injections

Trigger point injections

2) Child Neurology

Treatment of epilepsy and refractory epilepsies

Treatment of all neurometabolic disorders

Neuromuscular disorders

Cerebral palsy-correction of dystonia-spasticity -botox injections and corrective surgeries

3) Neurorehabilitation


Occupational Therapy

Special education for Cerebral palsies,ADHD,Autism

Under the heading of awards and achievement of hospital, We have won the BEST hospital Awrd in the year 2008 By AHMEDABAD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION