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Dr. Harshuti Shah

Dr. Harshuti Shah

M.D., I.P.T.M. (Child Neuro)

Gold Medalist Tel Aviv Uni., ISRAEL

Speciality - EPILEPSY Treatment

Consultant Child Pediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist at Rajvee Child Neuro and Ortho-Spine Hospital

Dr. Harshuti Shah is a first comprehensively trained senior child pediatric neurologist, who has trained many students, few of them are child neurologists now.

Apart from her conventional training, she has achieved to be a qualified pediatric neurologist from British Pediatric Neurology Association (BPNA)


Not Only To Control The Epilepsy But To Give The Best Functional Child

Neuro-Rehabilitation For All Autistic Children

To Bring And To Maintain Smile For The Best Parens Of ‘Special Child’

On completion of 10 years, Dr. Harshuti Shah has heartiest feelings to reduce burden of parents by rehabilitating the autistic children. She has new vision to make each autistic child a self dependent and self employed. She has cool oration with different agencies to make the child an independent adult.

Why Dr. Harshuti Shah ?

Neurology is nothing but a mathematic. If particular area of brain is affected, the lesion is usually obvious and treatment is decided accordingly. For taking decisions for the lesions, one needs sharp and careful observation, vast experiences blended with thorough knowledge.

Dr. Harshuti Shah has vast experience in the field of epilepsy since 15 years which is fabricated by graduation from Tel.Aviv Israel, and furnished by course in Child Neurology from BPNA.

Graduation and Post Graduation

HCompleted M.B.B.S. from prestigious M.P.Shah Medical College, Jamnagar with GOLD MEDAL in each year.

Had won the best student award in M.D. (PED) from the same institute.

Super Specialization

Had been selected by International Child Neurology Association for training in the field of child neurology accredited to presentations, bright academic career and desire to serve the needy children from developing countries.

Dr Harshuti was the first trainee in the field of child neurology to get the HONOUR OF BEST TRAINEE and was awarded the degree of I.P.T. M.

Eligible to practice in the field of Child Neurology.



To identify at her best level the primary condition-epilepsy vs. non-epilepsy

To judge the probable cause for the epilepsy

To identify the best available option of medicine from the junk

To identify the best optional management for “difficult to control epilepsy”

To help to maintain regular follow-up and to give symptom free outcome.


Regular COUNSELING and updating for colleagues to help at grass root level

Detailed explanation of the condition to the parent group

Non-professional visit to interiors of the state to bring out ‘EPILEPSY FREE GUJARAT’